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Restaurant Websites & Apps

Plates For Restaurants is a specialized service company and platform designed to assist restaurants and food vendors in selecting, integrating, and operating food technology products and services. Our mission is to support food establishments of all sizes by helping them create memorable experiences for their customers.


Plates For Restaurants

We simplify the process of selecting and integrating technology solutions, allowing restaurants and food vendors to focus on delivering outstanding dining experiences to their customers.

Below is a list of service integrations we offer:

  • Direct Ordering Our Online Ordering Management and Operations platforms allows restaurants to easily handle takeout or delivery orders.
  • Customer AcquisitionCustomer order and data acquisition through web and mobile platforms both online and offline.
  • Digital Marketing SEO, SMM and other Digital Marketing services for maximum web and social visibility
  • Digital Branding Complete Digital branding services for web, mobile and social media.
  • Content Creation We provide best content creation and asset management services for web and social media. Content and assets can be text, video, infographic or imagery.
  • Franchising Integration Plates provides virtual kitchens and franchising integration services. Our platform offers a new sales channel that expands your reach and improves the offsite dining experience.

Plates Integrations

Effortlessly connecting and optimizing your restaurant's tech ecosystem. Seamlessly integrate and enhance your restaurant's technology solutions for smoother operations and better customer experiences.


  • Weevi
  • Lunchbox
  • Ordering Direct
  • Chow now
  • Toast
  • Zuppler

Plates Customer Experience (CX)

Elevate your customers dining experience with seamless integrations and personalized services.

Plates Plans

Kickstarter Services

For 1-2 Locations

Perfect for small cafes, food trucks, and pop-up vendors.

  • SEO Optimized Landing Storefronts
  • Menu Management
  • Expert technology recommendations.
  • Marketplace Management
  • Integration planning
  • Technical Support
  • Plates Integration Management Assistance

Pro Services

For 1-10 Locations

Ideal for mid-sized restaurants, food vendors and eateries.

  • SEO Optimized Website
  • Multi Page Website with Ecommerce and Storefront
  • Partner Integrations
  • Interactive Vendor Solutions
  • Team training services.
  • Order Management Services
  • Customer Experience Services
  • Customer Data Capture
  • Experience Personalization
  • Vendor Dashboards
  • Allocated Integration Manager

Enterprise Services

For 10+ Locations

For large-scale restaurants, chains, and food vendors.

  • Mobile App
  • SEO Optimized Website
  • Multi Page Website with Ecommerce and Storefront
  • Bespoke Integration Strategy
  • Interactive Integration Solutions
  • Custom Integration Development
  • Integration Management
  • Customer Acquisition Services
  • Advertising + Marketing Services
  • Order Management System
  • Experience Personalization
  • AI Integration
  • Customer Loyalty & Data Management
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